Personal Photoshoots

Be it for your wedding or family photos, National Gallery Singapore's monumental buildings create a stunning backdrop for timeless and memorable photos and videos.

During this period, the wedding couple can remove their masks for the photo shoot, but must promptly put them back on when the photographer stops shooting and when moving around the Gallery. The photographer and crew are required to wear masks at all times.

Small Big Dreamers 2020: An Artist's Tropical Landscape

Experience the biennial children’s festival Small Big Dreamers at the Gallery too! Visit An Artist’s Tropical Landscape and learn more about the iconic artist Georgette Chen and how she drew inspiration from the world around her, by creating their own still life artworks, interacting with augmented reality kinetic games, and more! Suitable for kids aged six to 12, this physical experience is an extension of the #SmallBigDreamersAtHome initiative that encompasses a series of fun and engaging activities for to unleash their inner artist.

Words that Count

Join us to create a blackout poem with words from local artist Georgette Chen. Your poem can offer words of encouragement to a friend, neighbour and others in our community, or reflect on these challenging times. Book now to purchase an art kit that will allow you to create your blackout poems at the Gallery for just $2! Simply present your receipt at the City Hall Foyer to collect it.

Art workshop: Sketching an Urban Landscape

This workshop will introduce participants to urban sketching techniques such as "pen and wash", and compositional methods used by artists for that perfect urban landscape sketch. Participants will learn how to use a simple viewfinder and create urban landscape sketches with the methods taught in the workshop by experienced facilitators. Participants will also get an in-depth look at how artists in the Gallery's collection use compositional techniques when creating their artworks. The duration of the workshop is 2 hours.

Art workshop: Sketching a Selfie Portrait

This workshop will introduce participants to drawing techniques that will enable them to draw a self-portrait from their selfie images. They will also look at some portraits in the Gallery's collection and learn about techniques employed by the artists that are relevant to the selfie trend. The duration of the workshop is 2 hours.

Art workshop: Desk Plant Pot Making

Learn how to make a pot for your desk plant with air-dried clay using techniques employed by potters such as hand rolling and other relevant methods. Participants will also be introduced to some pottery works in the Gallery's collection and the techniques applied by the artists who made them. The duration of the workshop is 2 hours.

Art workshop: Tote Bag Printing

Learn printmaking techniques by making your own stencils. This workshop will introduce participants to a number of printmaking techniques employed by printmakers in the Gallery's collection. The duration of the workshop is 2 hours.

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